St. Francis Episcopal Church has numerous ministries.

Church Ministries

The Circle of Friends is an ecumenical group of men and women who gather together to study together.

The seminar group is the nucleus of the Education for Ministry program.

Meets 9am Sundays in Cameron Hall

Taizé is, of course, famous for its gentle and powerful worship, musically built around repetitive chants and texts.

Vibrant community of St. Francis parishioners meeting monthly for fellowship, outings, food, speakers, and special occasions

Whatever the task, the men of St. Francis bring their time and talent to serve while enjoying great food and fellowship.

Providing a safe place where every woman is free to become the person Christ created her to be.

Since the earliest of times, people have used pebbles or a string of knots or beads on a cord to keep track of prayers offered to God.

Our name comes from Hannah in the Old Testament who gave up her beloved son, Samuel. We are connected to Hannah by giving up our handiwork to others.