Enjoy food and fellowship at St. Francis


After all, this is South Louisiana (need we say more?)

St. Francis is very blessed with amazing cooks, grill enthusiasts, food innovators, and very willing food tasters.  So there is a lot culinary experience to draw from.


Have you heard the expression "Laissez les bons temps rouler"?
Well, it is a Cajun French phrase that is literally translated from the English expression "Let the good times roll."
Families at St. Francis definitely know how to "Laissez les bons temps rouler".

Sunday Hospitality

St. Francis has teams of family volunteers who willingly and generously share dishes, sandwiches, salads, fruit, snacks and, of course, coffee and sweets.

There is a lot of fellowship and conversations shared both standing in line and at tables.  Just like at home, people help others get a second cup of coffee, another sandwich, and clean up.

It is a great time to catch up on what is going on with each other and share the blessings which God gives each day.

Share a Meal

When a new baby arrives, so does the sign-up to bring the family meals for several weeks as the family adjusts to new schedules.

When a member of a St. Francis family is recovering from an illness or surgery, the word gets out and tailored meals are prepared and delivered.

There are those times during the loss of a loved one, that St. Francis members provide  support and comfort. It might just be over a cup of coffee or meals, but we are there for each other.

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