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Pumpkin Patch





Preparations are under way for the 18th annual pumpkin patch celebration at St. Francis Episcopal Church. This is always a great time for everyone, including parishioners, visitors and especially the children.  

The pumpkins were ordered a month or so ago with a requested arrival date of Oct. 13, 2013. In an effort of provide the freshest pumpkins throughout the event, we have shortened the duration of the pumpkin patch and it is now scheduled from October 13, 2013 to October 31, 2013.  This also helps alleviate the burnout experienced by the many volunteers who make this event a success.

Some committee chairpersons have been assigned as follows: 

  • Dianne Gill    Daily Volunteers 
  • Charles Burrell    Advertising
  • Judy Knecht    Outreach and Pumpkin Bread Liaison
  • Deanna Johnson   Finance
  • Jim Wingate    Unloading

Other committee chairpersons will be assigned as needed during the next month or two.


Jim Bruce

2013 Pumpkin Patch Chairman