St. Francis Episcopal Church

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Who are the ministers of the church?

The ministers of the church are lay persons, bishops, priests, and deacons.

What is the ministry of a priest?

The ministry of a priest is to represent Christ and his Church, particularly as pastor to the people; to share with the bishop in the overseeing of the Church; to proclaim the Gospel; to administer the sacraments; and to bless and declare pardon in the name of God.





The Rev. Charles Dana "Dan" Krutz

Father Dan Krutz was born and spent his early years in Arkansas   After graduating from college at Southern Methodist University, he attended Berkley Divinity School in New Haven, Connecticut.  He was ordained to the priesthood in 1971, and moved to the Diocese of Louisiana in 1974. 

Over the span of 40 years, he has served many congregations throughout Louisiana.  Additionally, he has worked as the Executive Director of the Louisiana Interchurch Conference.

Father Dan served as Priest-in-Charge of St. Francis from 2007 to 2014. In February of 2017, following the devastating flood of August, 2016, he became our permanent supply priest and in November, 2018 resumed his role as priest-in-charge.

Father Dan is married and has two grown sons and twin grandchildren.




The Rev. C. "Dan" Krutz



Father Krutz Bishop Thompson

 Father Dan Krutz and Bishop Thompson






Administrative Assistant

Karen Friedman   





Roberta Hood















Darla Burnett







 To serve the Lord with gladness

and singleness of heart.












Erik Pittman





Senior Warden:  Tom Doherty

Junior Warden:  Ed Ballow 



Vestry Members

                     Darla Burnett - Treasurer (Ex-Officio)

                     Jim Wingate  -   Secretary

 Sarah Pulliam              Sam Hyde

 Joyce Havard               Shellie Evans

 Judy Guerra                 Jim Wingate