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St. Francis is very blessed with amazing cooks, grill enthusiasts, food innovators, and very willing food tasters. 

So there is a lot culinary experience to draw from.


Some of the best crawfish you'll ever eat.

I guar--an--tee! 




St. Francis Men's Group is known for its talented men.   


A traditional breakfast of everything from pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits and biscuits made Sunday mornings once a month all the better. 


Now that we are back to our parish hall, breakfasts will begin again.


They were involved providing hamburgers and hot dogs during Pumpkin Patch weekends and Parish workdays to feed the workers.


 The Men's Group are at the forefront of fund-raisers from grilled or barbecue chicken, spaghetti and meatballs, and  chili, and there are a lot of meals sold and enjoyed by everyone.


Eating Crawfish

Definitely need paper towels when you eat crawfish.









Cooking Crawfish

Crawfish cooks.




Crawfish cooks

Left to Right are some of our great cooks and grill experts: Jim Wingate, Gerald Rainey, Jim Bruce,   and Casey O'Rouke.


 Parish breakfast

 Parish Breakfast



Boys at Crawfish boil.2

They start young.







In honor of our patron Saint, St. Francis, the Men's Group sells  spaghetti dinners to the community of Denham Springs as a fundraiser; a very successful event.




St. Francis Men's Group volunteer during Parish Workdays. 

They tackle many tasks needed on the buildings and grounds. 

Sometimes it has been to use their carpentry skills to repair the covered walkways. 

They brought their levels, ladders, power tools, saws, hammers and other necessary tools.

After a storm or hurricane, the men bring their tools to clear brush and debris. 

Other instances, they gathered together to help unload pumpkins and set up for the pumpkin patch. 

They pitch in to help build sets for Vacation Bible School.

The Men's Group has organized and cooked meals for annual fund raising events.

Whatever the task, they bring their time and talent to serve St. Francis.


Newly repaired walkway.



For more information about the Men's Group and upcoming events:

Contact:  Jim Wingate