St. Francis Episcopal Church

Bringing Christ to Denham Springs and beyond

First Sunday After the Flood

August 21, 2016

One week after the flood, parishioners of St. Francis, Denham Springs, gather together for Holy Eucharist in the church parking lot. The Rev. Mark Holland celebrated and shared inspiring words as well as heart-touching messages from people across the Diocese of Louisiana and the Episcopal Church who want St. Francis to know they are standing by them in this difficult time.

Parishioners had the opportunity share their own personal stories from this past week. This is a resilient, faithful, close-knit community.


 August 22, 2016

Jim Wingate

So good to Celebrate God's love with our church family in the midst of the crisis. Heard stories of blessing and miracles and sadness and joy. Most important was just being together for each other.

First United Methodist Church, Denham Springs

August 22, 2016

Huge thanks to Rev. Jackie and First United Methodist Church, Denham Springs for taking in St. Francis Episcopal and offering us worship space in this time of need. We have been so blessed!

So good to Celebrate God's love with our church family in the midst of the crisis.






August 23, 2016

Charles & Robin Burrell

Charles and I are trying to assess the clothing needs locally with our Cub Scout Pack, Boy Scout Troop and Church Family. Our friends and family along the MS Gulf Coast will gladly go through their closets to collect items needed.

We understand that many of you lost practically everything. Rebuilding a wardrobe can be a daunting and expensive undertaking.

Please let us know the gender, sizes, and type of clothing (casual and/or professional) needed and we'll work on getting those items donated. Hugs to you all.

Special Thank You

August 2016

A special thank you to The Episcopal Diocese of Texas for providing and delivering the chairs and the soon to be erected tent.

Thank you to Episcopal Relief & Development for helping us locate the tent and making the connections (Thank you for all you do for us!)

Thank you to Trinity, New Orleans, for customizing and printing the service bulletins for St. Francis.                                     






 January 2018

Huge Thanks to Knechts

Can't thank Judy & Gene Knecht enough for all they did for St. Francis after the 2016 Flood 

They opened their home and hosted St. Francis' office from August 2016 until Cameron Hall was renovated in August 2017.