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The Circle of Friends is an ecumenical group of men and women who gather together to study together. 

The group started in 2003 with six women and over the years, we have had as many as twenty-five in attendance.

Our studies have included the following:

Lives of Moses, David, Esther, Job, Paul and John;

In-depth studies on Paul's letters to the Thessalonians and the Ephesians;

In-depth studies of the Psalms;

Studies of the fruit of the spirit;

Religions of the world.


Upcoming topics and important information are announced in the Sunday bulletins of churches in Denham Springs as well as via email to our member mailing list. 



Current study and discussion --- Stay tuned!




We are always looking for new folks to join us.  Please do so.



For more information:  Contact Janie Rainey



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For Kathleen Dawkins of First Baptist Church:

"I love Bible Study, and so when I was invited to attend one with Circle of Friends at St. Francis, I accepted, and I stayed for the next one, and the next one, and on until the flood of 2016 stopped all activities for a while. I stayed because, as he always does when we seek him, God provided so much more than I anticipated.





We have a saying:

Once a member of the Circle of Friends, always a member.


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