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Angel Tree Program

Angel Tree is a ministry outreach program at St. Francis that provides residents of nursing homes or assisted living centers, who are alone and without family visitors, the delivery of Christmas gifts. St. Francis volunteers purchase and deliver gifts of small personal items and the Gospel to lonely senior citizens. 

St. Francis Commitment

St. Francis makes an annual commitment to this very rewarding program.   We recognize it as a way to care for some of the most overlooked members of our community.




The Process

Angel Tree Christmas begins when a church member registers their church for the program with the support of their pastor or other church leader(s).

Once a church is registered, the process works like this:


Receive Angel Tree Names

Sometime in the fall, Angel Tree our volunteer coordinator receives the name, resident, and contact information and a list of favorite personal items which are needed.

Display Angel Tree Name Tags

Angel Tree tags are completed with the name of these seniors, along with gift suggestions, and are displayed in your church.

Angel Tree Announcement

Church members are notified of the program —bulletin, pulpit announcement, bulletin board, etc.—and are invited to select names from the Angel Tree display.

Gift purchase and delivery

Church members purchase, wrap, and donate the gift.  Our volunteer coordinator delivers gifts for each senior who is alone—and in the process, share the Gospel.




St. Francis Contact



Stay Tuned for Upcoming Information and Share some Joy with a Needy Family.